The tree is cut in a strategic place on an angle.
We then bore holes in both top and bottom trunk.
A steel rod is fixed into the lower half.

Demo of a trunk and how it looks before piecing back together:

doweled tree

Parts are baled butt to top, shrinkwrapped and shipped as one package.
If both or either part is too large for UPS, they are baled & shipped as two pieces.



fixing to stand

The base of the tree is fixed into its stand.
Perform this step with baling twine mostly intact.


base in stand

Check to make sure tree base sits upright & firmly in its stand.


unwrap twine

Next, remove any leftover shrink wrap and begin removing the twine.


check tree

Check for best view.


unwrap twine top

Unwrap shrinkwrap from top half.


join pieces

Join the two pieces together until firmly snug, then unwrap the twine.


unwrap twine

Check again for best view and rotate entire tree, if necessary.



Now it's time to decorate!

Voilà !

finished result

This scene could come out of an English fairytale 😊


A big thanks to Mike and Kathy for documenting such helpful information!

Btw, the tree is a Nordmann Fir.