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Everything was just beautiful (and still is). Always love working with you all!!

Oh my - another spectactular tree, Rebecca - thank you for sharing. Looks like you've got the doweling method down! Cool shot of your pup too - so teeny tiny next to that big beauty :)


The second tree arrived and just wow! It is stunning! I got to decorate it just how I wanted since we already decorated the first tree as a family. What a beautiful gift in our home. I love the openness of the branches so the ornaments can glitter and glisten all throughout the tree. We appreciate you! Thanks and merry Christmas! Best, Katharine    [This makes our day - thank you!!]


Bo sez thanks for the surprise at the top of my tree    Hee-hee - good dog! ;-)

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas, our new home & new beginnings than with having a Tannenbaum tree. We thank you & all who work so hard who make this possible. May your holiday season & new year be filled with love, prosperity & joy! ~ Gretchen J.

Our tree arrived yesterday and it is perfect. Thank you for doing all that you did to make everything work. ~ Chris Riddle

The tree and the wreath arrived yesterday. Apparently ahead of schedule. Both look fabulous. I don't know how you do it. Every year is better than the last! ~ Terry


Literally, 4 needles dropped from Thanksgiving!! Amazing! ~ Erick 12/23/22

Fresh is key! :)


I challenge myself every year to see how close I can get the star to the ceiling. We were right on the money this year.I think you could barely pass a sheet of paper between the ceiling and the star. And we might have gone a little overboard with ornaments this year....but... here it is...

WOW, you created a masterpiece here! CHECK OUT how Justin watered this doweled tree - ingenious, yet simple!


Best ever!!!!!

Another doweled beauty ~ Thanks, Janis!


Always perfect. Thanks for everything you guys do to bring Christmas Joy to families everywhere!

Stunning visual - thanks, Kathy!



Thank you!! The doweled tree worked perfectly!!!
Holy Moly, Becky ~ bet you needed an enormous ladder!

Happy New Year Chris! The doweled tree worked beautifully. It fit snugly and we could not see a difference in the degradation during the time we had it up until January! (Mystie, FL)

Thank you for your record keeping. Outstanding company and staff…
Your work is beautiful and I thank you for keeping me informed. Merry Christmas 🎄  (Christine, MA)

so beautiful 🎄 thank you all

Wow! She hardly needs decorating, Theresa :)

I finally put my garland up! It was still nice and moist so hopefully it will last until Christmas Eve! Thank you so much it was perfect.❤️ Have a joyous Christmas and thank you for all you do.  It was a pleasure, Tamara ~ it looks so inviting up there in AK!

We love it! Thank you, Katharine

We're delighted to hear that your doweled trees and other greenery worked out well - thank you for sharing!


Our house was in a contest called Lewes Lights.
We won our category which was, "Its a Wonderful Life. "


What a great idea for an office party, Lee Ann :) ~ and kudos on winning the contest. Your home is absolutely stunning!!


The tree is so lovely- it's really perfect!... Tannenbaum holds a special place in our holiday home. Wishing you a joyous and peaceful holiday season! (Donna NJ)
We LOVE LOVE LOVE the wreath. The music is surprisingly weird and cool so we love it too.  Thank you. The joy that the tree in CA and the tree here (OMG it's gorgeous) are bringing to all is my favorite part of the season.  Released the live ladybug. Gretchen  LOL - good one, Gretchen!


I love my greenery!

This 'au natural' idea fits perfectly with your country house, Jackie ~ simple, yet elegant...thanks for sharing!


I am so excited to be getting my wreath and little tree from you next week. This year I ordered a table top tree because I'll be out of town for Christmas but it brings me such joy to have one of your beautiful trees in my house, I just had to order again! I think this is year 18 or 19!!
…You are amazing and I appreciate you everyday! Thank you so very much. I am blessed to be part of your team 😊

Another fine example of simple and sweet.. Thank you, Susan, for youre lovely comments.


Thank you! Love our tree again this year

And I love your see-through candle ornaments - thanks, Jane!

Elaine 2021

I hope you had a peaceful, restful Christmas and blessings for 2022. Our tree as always was special and as fresh today as when we decorated it. Thank you for the Douglas branches. They made a lovely bed for a Santa collection that I discovered was hovering in a cabinet!  The scent was delicious. Thank you and your staff for the work you do to bring Christmas tree joy! Elaine 🕊  THIS makes our day, Elaine. Joy! The thing that gives & receives :)


I was hosting a wedding cocktail party and took a pic of the set up. As you can tell, I can handle a much larger tree. The two part tree this year was an experiment, and I think it worked well. 
I'm still rebuilding my ornament collection and I'm really light on ornaments. It's hard to replace a 40 year collection!
My housekeeper helped set it up and we thought it was really easy to do. The needle retention was great, but it did dry out faster than my other trees and the upper branches started to droop a bit. 
Truth be told, that was probably due to signifianct sun exposure and lack of water. I forgot to add more.
The garland is outside and still looks really good! and the wreaths are still up too!
Onward to next year, a taller tree and more ornaments!

Thanks, Marian, for your insights!  Yes, you do need to water more under sunny circumstances. And you certainly can handle a tall tree in that gorgoeus setting.



Your beautiful tree has brought joy and warmth to our home.
As always your efforts are much appreciated. The tree was so beautiful, it almost needed no decorations.
Thanks, Terry. Always a pleasure!



Take a look ! It's holding up great. Put this photo on FB saying it was my best tree ever and got 450 replies! Lee Ann

How cool is that?! Well deserved! Another doweled beauty here.



Cape Cod Christmas

Received our tree today! It's perfect! Thank you again!! Erick



2020 may be awful, but our tree and wreath are spectacular! Thank you so much!! Wishing you a wonderful 2021. Terry


I have been a loyal custumer for many years. Last year was a little tough with the doweled tree (had a Charlie Brown look), but this year!!!!!! My tree is the absolute most beautiful one I have ever seen!!! The dowel system is fabulous-makes it easier to get in the house. You have my highest endorsement!!! Stay safe, Janis

Wanted to send a quick text and let you know that both the tree and garland have arrived in the Sunshine State. They are just beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful service, product and communication! Our son lives in Olympia and isn't able to come home this year. I feel as though a bit of him is here. ❤️ Thank you, again. Wishing you and yours Happy and Healthy Holidays ! Cheers, Laura

Chris, thank you so much for the wreath and the CD. The wreath is absolutely beautiful!! I love it. Now I see why you are so busy. Making it and boxing and shipping. I can’t wait to listen to the CD I did not know how musically talented you are. My husband is really into Guitar so he is very anxious to listen as well. Thank you again! Kathy



The tree is beautiful. Thank you! Jennifer

I just want you to know that the tree we received (many weeks ago) is the most beautiful tree we've ever seen! We love it so much & are SO happy that we found you! We will be ordering our trees from you from now on!!! THANK YOU so much for your beautiful trees and door charms & for your exceptional service. Kindest regards, Marsha

Thank you so much Chris! Always great to do business with you! Happy Holidays Michelle

My daughters and their families love their trees! "The Best Ever" they all say! Thanks, Mike



This is the most beautiful Tree I (or anyone in my family) has EVER had!!!

I put it on a riser but even before that it was taller than I expected!! It fits perfectly and I understand how carefully you try to match the Tree to the needs of your customers and you hit this one out of the park!! This is a truly loved, appreciated and pampered tree. Besides keeping it watered at all times, I keep a humidifier as well as a cool mister on it 24/7 due to the proximity of the fireplace.Seriously, I cannot Thank You enough! This whole experience has been a Joy, starting with our first conversation Chris, then the arrival with a young delighted UPS driver (Thrilled this was his first ever delivery of a christmas tree) to the set-up, decorating and just plain AWE!! I am a customer for Life!! May everyone at Tannenbaum have as Beautiful and Bright a Christmas as you've given us. Thank You ~ Teresa


Sweeet! ~ Thanks for sharing, Alan & Sue!

This was the absolute best tree we have received from you. The top did die but the bottom continued to drink water until the day we took it down. We put the tree up on Dec 12th and took it down on January 21st so we really enjoyed it. My daughter put a photo of it on Facebook and one of her friends was shocked that it was a real tree and we decorated it too. Our kids and grandkids were like "wow". Thank you for taking the time to choose this special tree for us! Hope you guys are doing well, enjoying a well-deserved break from the hectic pace of the Christmas Season. Wishing you joy and prosperity in the new year and hope for a fantastic year and next Christmas Season! All the best to you and yours, Kathy and Mike

Kathy and Mike, clients of several years (like so many of you!) ordered a huge Nordmann Fir tree and documented the doweling process. Have a look at it HERE should you like.



Tree arrived several days ago - decorated yesterday - lovely as always!


Thank you sooo much! Jane


Amy needed a slender tall natural density tree for her space - fits the bill! (doweled)

Hi there! We loved our tree so much - definitely best tree ever. This was our first time ordering from you, so we don’t have a previous comparison, but I’ve attached a photo of the tree on Jan 1. Still looks great and minor needle drop. We didn’t have any issues with the doweling. In fact, it made it a bit easier to carry it around. It did need the glue since it was a tad wobbly without. We’re planning to put it out on the curb for our city’s tree recycling program, but we realized that the metal dowel could be a real danger when the trees are put through the chipper. We’ll cut it out first. Might be a good idea to include a note about that for others, since I’d hate for it to become a problem. Thank you so much! Amy

We tried using wooden dowels but with the heaviness of some trees, we weren't sure if the dowels would hold up to the task. Thanks for this valuable tip! We will make sure customers are aware.



The tree is doing great!I ended up cutting the tip to put up an angel... Have a blessed New Year! ~ Christy




~ Your beautiful trees and garlands! ! All our best to you!! Warmly ,Becky🎄



We love this tree!

It’s decorated in a minimalist way to fit in with a pandemic Christmas. We used only glass ornaments and kept them socially distant! Best wishes for a happy, healthy peaceful new year. Elaine


A Danish Tree

Happy New Year and thanks again for a perfect candle tree! This year it got a traditional Danish outfit, in part because I recovered my Danish citizenship as a direct result of Covid. I will send a video of my daughter lighting the tree. It will stand until Jan. 13, when the Swedes celebrate the end of the Christmas by “plundering” the tree of all its goodies. We were going to do it on Epiphany, but we decided to keep the Christmas cheer for another week. It is still fragrant! All the Best Ulla



Playful spirits in Alaska ~ thanks Tamara!



Loved our tree this year. Please send me one just like it next year. It is a beautiful tree!!! Vick



If ever there were a time for such a gift it is this year and we are most appreciative...

We want to thank you for our beautiful tree. All the trees we’ve gotten from you over the years have wonderful but this one is truly exceptional. We hope you have a joyful Christmas! Frank



Glenda, you always make our day and seems every year your tree only gets prettier :)

This tree is absolutely perfect... The smell is unbelievable and she is EXACTLY 7 feet tall ...I just wish she could stand there ALL.YEAR.LONG. and let me stare at her. Thank you once again for making me your biggest fan!! Have a beautifully blessed holiday season... Always, Glenda


Start to finish


Arrival - - Unwrap - - Flock - - Voilà !!

Just a note of a million thanks for another perfect noble fir tree! Arrived the day before Thanksgiving, now the tree is inside and decorated... in all its glory. Don’t hate me because we flocked it white this year. :) All the best wishes for a Merry Christmas... thank you and all at Tannenbaum Farms for making our home and Christmas, a great deal merrier. Terry



And....here it is! Definitely more in line with my inspiration tree. I was a little unsure when I first opened it up, as this time, it is a bit wider on top and a bit shorter than I anticipated (just measuring in at 7 ft). After all is said and done, now that it is decorated and the branches have settled in, I really love it! What a beauty! It was quite the water hog yesterday; we had to refill the stand over a half dozen times! I couldn't decide on which pictures to send, so I just sent them all, LOL! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas. Lisa


Many thanks, Lisa!. What a lovely house you have!



The MONSTER Tree... (doweled ~ ~ obviously!)

We screwed up on this one.. :( It was a gorgeous huge tree so Mark (owner) decided to cut it without trimming the bottom off, thinking those branches could make good bough material in case the tree needed trimming. Well, our client couldn't fit the tree in the room so off came some top! After this photo was taken, we were told a bow was used to help camouflage the "crew cut'' effect, so hope this helped. We still think it is a stunning tree, regardless of the top and KUDOS on all the decorating!

I was happy to hear that the wreaths and garland fared well! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Jackie!





Absolutely love our tree!! Thank you so much! Erick and Michael



' Twas the night before Christmas when all thro' the house...


... not to mention, outside the house!  Thank you, Kathy and Mike



Just in time for Lady and and the Tramp! " Trevor and Tucker in their jammies, waiting for Santa." Priceless photo....

Everything arrived safe and sound and looks beautiful as always. Wreath and ball are up. The trees are resting comfortably, soaking their trunks in the garage... We hope you get at least a little time to relax during the busy holiday season! Alan and Sue



Wow ~ delightfully beautiful ~ exquisite ornaments too ~ thanks, Jennifer


This is the first year we've ordered a tree from you, but it definitely won't be the last! It is perfect! For the last few years we've struggled to find the tree shape we love at the local lots, having to settle for bushy cone trees that can't support and don't show off large ornaments. This tree is exactly what a Christmas tree should look like! We're just getting started on the decorations, and it needs more lights (it always needs more lights!) but we couldn't be happier. Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for making our Christmas a little more perfect! Best, Jennifer



How precious ~ your little gem, Susan :-)

Here’s a photo of my tree this year. My favorite!! Everyone loved it. Thank you so much for making my Christmas perfect! Hope you’ve survived the season. Xox Susan

The wreaths are great! I put them on our front windows. Our tree is beautiful. We have been decorating it tonight… Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the beautiful green stuff!!! Jackie

The tree is gorgeous.....Happy and safe holidays to you and yours 🎄 Glenda

David 2018

A fine example of a graceful natural noble ~ thanks, Jim

I think every guest we had wanted to know where we obtained it! I cannot tell you how much I miss your trees. We have lots of tree farms around us but none can compare… Jim

Thank you so much. Our tree is absolutely spectacular and we are enjoying it so much. Today we have rain which is a wonderful change from the dry spell. I cannot thank you enough for the perfect tree. I know our wreaths will bring us much joy. Thank you to all at Tannenbaum. Merry Christmas. Griselda

I hope that Y'all are about to wind down, and get some... what I am sure is needed.... rest. Just wanted to send you a pic of our tree for 2018 now that it is finished. I have to tell you, I was a bit startled when I unwrapped this one. For days leading up to decorating day... I was a bit fearful that the tree's shape and limb configuration would be difficult to deal with. I am a Christmas tree aficionado... so I steeled myself for the challenge. Truthfully, it's turned out to be our most beautiful Tannenbaum Farms tree to date. I guess you just have to believe in the magic of Christmas. Y'all have really made our Christmas season wonderful again. Thank you so so much. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We'll talk to Y'all next October and order our 2019 tree! All the best! Terry, Stan, and Marvin (The Dog)



What a unique idea! Compliments from my dear friends and holly mentors, Claude and Dorothy



Beautifully wrapped in blue

Despite UPS’s efforts to play grinch and misdirect the tree, it arrived and is beautiful... Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2020! Terry



Perfect example of a tall slender tree

Happy Holidays. Thanks again for the lovely lovely tree 🌲



This one is truly unique; candles inside big glass bubbles ~ ~ ~ thanks for sharing, Jane!



A real "Old-World" Candle lit Tree!

Here you go! ... We put one single strand of amber lights in for depth and for when we do not light the candles. This year we decided to go with simple silver, glass and a few birds, much to my husband’s chagrin, who likes the whole Danish look with braided hearts, cones and flags. But that will be next time! So this year’s tree was truly perfect and we hope that you will remember it for our next order.... Oh, and the candles are on holders with a long stick with a weight on the end, unlike the German clips. The are straighter and safer that way. Have a splendid 2020! Ulla


Robust tree for the Matador Performnance Center in LA

Here is a photo of our Christmas Tree. We’ve gotten so many compliments from our clients. Thank you for delivering such an amazingly beautiful tree! Joseph



I spy some Corzine candles... sweeeeet!


Truly a Grand Noble Fir, this one

We love our 2018 tree! ~ Elaine

Ho Ho Ho!! Chris, Santa delivered the three trees this afternoon.....his sleigh had to desk with rain, thunder, lightning etc, etc...My tree looks great, smells "Christmasy"-- if such a word exists! Thanks again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the elves at the Tree Farm! Mike


"It's perfect.

Just what I envisioned and it takes me back to my childhood." We got the tree last week and I wanted to share with you a picture of it... I love it and thank you for making this a smooth process. Have yourself a Merry Christmas! ~ Ursula

The tree got here in perfect shape. I took the shrink wrap off and put it in water. Its' hidden in my back yard . I haven't cut the twine yet, Thank you Chris and tell Mark thank you also. My grandchildren arrive today and they will be very excited to do this for their Grandmama. Happy Thanksgiving, Phil.


Evergreen greetings ~ wild and full

Wreath is just beautiful - possibly the best yet! Love it. Tree is also beautiful. And the height etc looks great. It's drinking lots and doing well in its new home :) ~ A-M

When we get home we will order our tree 🌲. The one we got last year was perfect. I have to add that the daughter in the above paragraph thinks it's very funny 😄 we order our Christmas trees 🎄 online, and has even told her school friends in Paris about it. I know she is secretly very proud, because thanks to you we really have the best trees. I am so happy that you are getting fame & I hope fortune via Disney. Savannah is so pretty, and I know your greens are really dressing the sets up. For sure we will watch the movie, with a special eye for the greenery! Order will follow soon. Best, Inge from Pennsylvania



Aww, thanks, JP!

Hi- Just wanted to show you the tree we received. It's an AWESOME tree! Couldn't be any better. I love it that it gives me the feeling of nostalgia for my childhood. Very, very, very fresh and will last all season long. Thank you and Merry Christmas! JP


Some photos of our tree and the mistletoe ball. Once again the tree is fantastic. Love the mistletoe! Thank you for another wonderful tree. It makes our living room sparkle. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Terry

kissing ball

Thanks, Terry ~ they both look gorgeous in your setting.



Easy as ~ One ~ Two ~ Three :)

I had to share my photos. When we opened it, I became all teary! It's the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. Not exactly what I had envisioned but nonetheless it is gorgeous. I can't believe it made it across the United States unscathed! Thank you to you and Mark for giving us a beautiful tree. Lisa

Thank you so much. Our tree is absolutely spectacular and we are enjoying it so much. Today we have rain which is a wonderful change from the dry spell. I cannot thank you enough for the perfect tree. I know our wreaths will bring us much joy. Thank you to all at Tannenbaum. Merry Christmas. Griselda


Slender natural noble fir fits perfectly in place

Hi there. I just wanted to tell you I received my Tree today and I love it! Sharlene

Tree is all decorated and looks lovely. Actually we kind of like the less bushy tree now that we have been getting them two years in a row. Ornaments fill the spaces between the branches better. Also much easier to handle since it is lighter. More of a problem as one ages (ugh). The wreath was lovely as usual. You do a wonderful job on your wreaths. God Bless and have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mike



Another beauty! Happy holidays ... Lisa



Our tree is great - thanks! ~ Cliff



Draped in icicles and pearls

We wish to thank you and your team for another wonderful Christmas tree. Our home is now decked out for the holidays and our tree from Tannenbaum Farm is the gloriously beautiful centerpiece to our whole display. Thank you a million times! All the best for a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year in 2018. ~ Terry, Stan, and Marvin (The Dog)


New England style

Sending you a photo of our beautiful Natural Noble Fir tree from last year. We LOVED it! We haven't had a tree this lovely since we lived in England. It was the classic Christmas tree and I plan to order an even larger one this year. Thanks for giving us "Easterners" the option to purchase these gorgeous trees that don't grow in our neck of the woods! ~ C&D from Northern VA


A cheery Christmas corner (from David ~ CO)



Perfect evergreen tabletop symmetry (from Alan and Sue, CA)



Ooh, ahh, stunning!
Thank you, Anne-Marie for sharing your grand tree!


"We loved our tree!"

... It arrived just as you said and stayed fresh till we discarded it on January 6th. The size and nostalgic style suited our home, as you can see from the photos. The only improvement I’d like is a bit more fullness toward the top of the tree. Thank you for growing trees that aren’t the norm. This tree provide much joy this Christmas. ~ Elaine

Just wanted to share with you that this year's tree was as wonderful as all of the rest - loved it - it has been up now for almost 6 weeks - taken over 15 gallons of water, has not lost a needle and still is as soft and pliable as the day it was received. Look forward to one next year just like it! ~ All best, Jim



Wow Joanne, this width worked well. I'd love to cozy up in one of those chairs...

Thanks Chris for another perfect tree. In fact I thought it looked so good that it didn’t need lights or ornaments. Well, I kinda backed down on that idea. It’s fun knowing you and Peace in the new year. ~ Joanne

... We just placed our order for our Nordman fir again. We really love that style of tree. Touches us to see the lovely picture of our cat, actually our son’s cat, and the tree in our living room. We also want one of your wreaths as well. It always graces friends and family as the enter our house. Our best to you and family for a happy and prosperous Christmas. So glad we found you – the tree is always so fresh and smells so lovely. ~ Mike and Kathy


I will need the MOST skinny straight up tree you can find for me. It can be tall. NARROW is key.  As you wish, Lisa :-)   As usual!... Our tree is perfect for our new tiny home. I was so worried but you guys are awesome. ~ Lisa

We got the tree yesterday and it is as perfect and beautiful a tree as I could hope for. The color, the shape, the fresh smell, it is all there. It's truly a dream tree. I can't thank you enough for being able to do this for me and my family. I am so glad to be able to support a small business like yours that can do this. It was worth every penny and more. I will get you some pictures later on, after it is decorated. One more thing. I have to comment on its delivery. It was exactly when I wanted and needed. Last year a different company failed on that point. This year I will be able to do what I had wanted to do last year. We are going to visit where my mom had been laid to rest in the midwest. I will be able to take a couple of the branches and decorate where she is, so that we may share the same tree like we always had before. This is going to mean so much to us all.Thank You. ~ Kevin H.



Susan needed a small tabletop tree - it looks adorable

We're sitting by my beautiful tree and loving it so much! It's the perfect size for my little house. I also love love love my beautiful wreath and garland--absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for your help this year. You are the best! ~ Susan

Got it! Yay Yay yay! Thanks! It smells like Christmas! ~ Donna


Exquisite space for this Noble fir

Mark and Chris, just wanted to share pictures of our tree and wreath. Both arrived safely on Friday. They are spectacular. As always thank you for making our Christmas so special. Merry Christmas to you both!! ~ Terry

We just ordered our Christmas tree from you. We are super excited for our beautiful tree for your farm. Thank you!!! ~ Shanna

Received the tree today, and it is absolutely majestically beautiful. It is so wonderful that I can't stop looking at it. Thank you so much! It is truly appreciated. ~ Gregory

We love your trees and they last for the whole month which we never were able to achieve with other fresh cut trees in Houston. Tell Mark he did an excellent job and we’ll want one just like it next year... wanted to let you know the tree arrived before Thanksgiving and is just lovely. We so appreciate the wonderful smell of a fresh tree in the house. Cudos to you and the staff again!! A very Merry Christmas to you and the Tannenbaum crew. ~ Kathy & Mike


Glenda Tree2015

Simply Sweet

Oh Chris..my tree is perfect. So much so I want to cry!! Thank you so much and have a wonderfully blessed Christmas! ♡♡♡ ~ Glenda

Best TREE ever!!!!I was thrilled to get my tree and I have no words...well...one word... PERFECT Wow...it makes my heart sing. It's so beautiful and thank you so much! This is by far the best tree yet!!!! I will send photos when I decorate it this weekend! Many many thanks for making my holiday so special. ~ Regards, Lisa


Another hit - Yay!

Tree arrived. And it found itself in happy home in Brooklyn and is looking fantastic! Thank you for making our christmas in Brooklyn something special. Happy new year! ~ Dan

I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful wreath. I got it today and it is the BEST ever!! I also LOVE the little tree you sent that I got last week. It is PERFECT. I will get a good photo of it to send to you. It is on my dining room table and couldn't be prettier. Thank you so much! You guys are AWESOME--no one is better than you! hugs, Susan

We send a huge thank you to you and your team for choosing a perfect tree for us again this year. Merry Christmas! Terry, Stan, and Marvin (the dog)


Playful Merrimaking

Just wanted to let you know that the tree and the wreath arrived safely. Chris every year I think the wreath can't be more spectacular and every year you surprise me with an even better one. Mark, the tree is just beautiful and so tall! Thank you both. Until next year. Merry Christmas and very happy New Year!! ~ Terry

An Old -Fashioned New England Christmas

I wanted to touch base and let you know that the tree you sent us is everything I could have ever wished for and more! I tell everyone who comes to visit that this is how a Christmas tree is supposed to look. This year we went retro and threw a bit of tinsel on the tree, so at night with the lights it sparkles like diamonds! I have been taking countless pictures of it for days trying to capture the right angle and light. But whether it’s just me, or the time of day, or the camera, the pictures simply do not do it justice. It’s just a beautiful tree. Thank you again for all of your patience and finding me the perfect tree, you have made my holiday! In return I think it is safe to say, you have a customer for life! Merry Christmas! Susan (Virginia)

Thank you for your prompt reply and more importantly for doing what you do at Tannenbaum, always coming through for your customers, and delivering our beautiful tree less than a week after I ordered it! ... You and your Team at Tannenbaum are AWESOME! Thank you so very much! ... Our beautiful tree is now in its tree stand, soaking up water and just waiting to be decorated this evening! Good times! I look forward to showing our beautiful tree off during our party tomorrow.

Thank you for ALWAYS coming through! Tannenbaum is the best! I said it almost 10 years ago and I'll say it again, for as long as Tannenbaum is in business you will always have a happy and satisfied customer in me who will return year after year not only for your beautiful trees, but just as importantly for your AMAZING customer service! You, Mark and your Team are the BEST! ... Merry Christmas to you and your entire Team! Best wishes! Joe (California)

Reflected Beauty in New York City

I just ordered a tree and paid for it with PayPal. I am super excited! ... Have ordered trees from you guys for years!... Be well, Gregory (NY)

Wow!! Tree is fantastic. It is "resting" at the moment--ready for lights etc. Thanks to you, Mark and Tom!!! Mike (California)

Your wreaths are decompressing in the garage. Thanks much for the fullness and diameter...they’ll work just fine. And the decoration level is perfect. And I’ve never seen such a vibrant green! John (Michigan)

Wanted to take a moment and tell you, most beautiful tree ever. Can't wait till next year. Happy New Year! Lisa Hill from Dayton Ohio


A great example of wide horizontal tiers on an open natural noble

Just wanted to let you know that the tree arrived on Monday, and we put it up with lights last night. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! The trees are always wonderful, and they make the holidays so much better. Thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas. Monica (California)


Another slender beauty for Lisa

The tree came healthy and fresh. I have two photos for you. I do like them with more space between the branches. This one is heavy and full at the bottom, but I like it none-the-less. I also notice when its more full instead of spread out - that the branches don't really hold my ornaments, which are not very heavy - and so it's hard to get it to look like it's not sagging. Do you know what I mean? It also takes a lot more lights when it's full like this. I like them to be narrow and spacey.

I thought you would like the photos. Have a very merry christmas holiday and thank you for always sending me a beautiful Christmas gift from the Pacific Northwest! Lisa


Yay - she loves it! :-)

Lisa, we understand you like even more space between tiers and we'll do our best to accommodate you next time - many thanks for the bea-U-tiful photos!


Viva Las Vegas!

You were right it is big. Beautiful tree. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Rick (Nevada)

Everything is beautiful! Love the tree! Thank you for all of your time in putting it all together. We are enjoying it all so much. And thank you for the CD - so thoughtful and nice of you to include :) Thank you for helping to make our first Christmas in the house extra special... Best, Anne-Marie (California)


Ooohh! Hand crocheted snowflakes, fresh cranberry garlands and candy canes

We staged these photos this evening - thought you might enjoy - real candles.... not recommended - but sure makes for a wonderful photo....... all best, Jim (Texas)

Jim also sent us this lovely photo ~ using LED flicker candles :-)

I trust the holiday season is off to a good start for you. After a few Christmas's in Hong Kong I'm back to Miami and have just placed our order... we look forward to another beautiful Tannenbaum tree. James (Florida)

The tree is of course AWESOME! and I love the wreath too. It is beautiful hanging on my door...Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas you make for me. Merry Christmas to you all! Susan (California)

I arrived home last night to find my beautiful tree waiting for me by my front door all wrapped up like a sausage. I put him in a bucket of water over night then brought him upstairs this morning. After being fully inspected by Lily the cat the tree went up. Oops, a bit taller than last year! But after a little trim the tree is perfect as usual. Beautiful and fresh and smells divine! I don't know if it's possible to request a "skinnier" tree, but I might need one that doesn't take up quite so much real estate in the width dept next year 🎄🎄😉
Thanks again for your excellent customer service and incredible quality product! Merry Christmas, Diana (California)


Thanks, Diana ~ I made a note - glad to see it passed Lily's inspection!

What a beautiful setting this is ~ ~

...complete with captive audience!

I’m happy to share photos with you regarding our Christmas Tree... it was just right. Tall but not too tall, and slender and sophisticated, which sounds weird, but truly beautiful and so fresh to the very end. I too, from reading some of your emails, didn’t want to take it down. Reluctantly, took it down on January 5th. Moira (Washington)

This is a little late, but wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the tree and the wreath. Both were beautiful. Thank you so much. We are already looking forward to our next tree. Terry (California)

Finally got into the garland today and you really did make three beautiful ones! Thanks for taking such good care of us. We hope yaw'll have a most Merry and prosperous Christmas! Bill (Florida)

Check out the one-of-a-kind ornaments on and around this 6 foot natural noble

You really made my Christmas! I was homesick and looking at photos of Noble Fir Christmas trees as they are what I am used to, but here in Central Florida an impossibility. Or so I thought :) I found your website and could not believe that I could have a perfectly beautiful tree here with me, and at a reasonable price! Thank you so very much. I have spent hours just admiring this tree. I will be back again next year. Robin

I LOVE my tree this year - it is just perfect. Thank you so much Merry Christmas, Jennifer (California)

Just wanted to let you know the tree arrived this evening... You guys do an awesome job! Thank you for picking the most beautiful tree for us! Carol (Florida)

I'm looking forward to a beautiful noble fir tree and wreath this year.... Anyway, I'm getting excited about the season just thinking about it. I hope the economy doesn't affect you too badly this year. I know for me, after having your beautiful trees for years in our living room, it would be hard to go back to a Lowe's tree. Our local nurseries never have nobles anymore, and when they did the prices were out of sight! Hopefully, your business will thrive. You certainly provide a wonderful service. Thanks, Jackie (Louisiana)

Ah, "It's A Wonderful Life"

WOW! I am absolutely happy! We received the Noble Fir on December 5. I wasn't sure what to expect, looking at the very tightly shrink-wrapped tree. I made a 1" fresh cut on the trunk and my wife helped me to carefully cut away the shrink-wrap. Then, with the twine still intact, we placed the tree into the tree stand and tightened up the bolts. I moved it onto our Christmas tree/train board and then carefully cut away the twine. When almost all of the twine was removed, the branches gently sprung out and the most beautiful Christmas tree I have seen in years unfolded right before my eyes.

My wife had not been in the room when I cut the twine. She came into the living room when the branches were unfolding and she literally gasped with joy! Then each of my three children came downstairs from getting ready for bed and each squealed with delight when they saw the tree! I truly have not seen such an incredibly beautiful Noble Fir since the mid-1960's! I placed the lights on the tree that night and then we decorated it the next day. We all like to go into the living room and just stare at it and SMELL it! My son got his Lionel train and Christmas village set up underneath the tree and is continually lying on his stomach under the tree watching his train and enjoying the beauty of the tree!

Attached is a picture of the decorated tree. We are hosting an Open House on the 19th and I can't wait for our guests to see this tree. And, if they ask, I am going to tell them where I got it from! Thank you for a perfect tree!!! David

Five weeks later...

Hi. It is January 10 and, reluctantly, we are taking our tree down this week…and it is STILL fresh!!! It is absolutely beautiful. We took the tinsel and ornaments off last week but left the c7 lights on it and have continued to light the lights every night this past week and stare at it. I hope you received my other email and pictures. I will clearly be looking to get more of these beauties from you in the future! David (Colorado)


I only wish this photo was bigger... lovely tree, Jackie

I wanted to just let you know we received our wreath and tree this week. The tree was delayed for some reason by UPS so it was late getting here by 2 days. Minor irritant but otherwise everything arrived just fine. I just wanted to say how pleased we are with your tree and wreath. We have been buying noble firs for several years but always locally. Your tree is clearly the best we have ever purchased. The boughs are all so fresh and pliable. The shape is amazing – best we have ever had as well. The fragrant smell fills the room, and it is soaking up water. We always tried to buy our tree locally as soon as we could, but ends were always a bit dry and always showed some needle discoloration. Not the tree from Tannenbaum. We also found a really neat tree stand from Krinner called the Tree Genie. You drop tree into it and hand pump the clamps onto the trunk. It worked great – we just dropped the tree into it, pumped up the clamps, and it was ready to go. I am attaching some pictures of the tree as received and after we unwrapped it. The tight bundle you ship it in made it really easy to get into the house, and no dropped needles along the way. We will definitely be getting another tree from you next year. You folks are best of the best based on our recent experience. Kathy and Mike (Texas)

I just wanted to let you know I did get my PERFECT TREE and it is exactly what I had hoped for! Such a beautiful tree and the fresh smell is awesome... Thank you so much for your help and kindness in notifying me of your email from UPS... I am enjoying my tree tremendously and look forward to many more years of ordering with you. Thank you again for everything! Dean (Georgia)

Rider relaxes under this slender sparkling fir tree in Oympia, WA

Wanted to let you know that the tree arrived on time and it is perfect... exactly what I was looking for. I've been working on it since it got here. Thanks so much for working with me. I'll send photos as soon as I can. Have a wonderful holiday season! Jeff (Washington D.C.)

Hello Tannenbaum Family. Hope everyone is well!! Your trees have always been so beautiful and I have wonderful memories of every one of them. Time again to order my tree this year and I'm so excited!! Theresa (Georgia)

Great! I was so impressed with the beautiful tree that you sent last year that I HAD to order again. All of our holiday guest marveled at it as it was the perfect "stage" on which to display my antique Christmas lights and extensive glass ornament collection! I will look forward to the tree's arrival! Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Alan (Wisconsin)

Our tree is absolutely gorgeous !!! Love you guys .....happy holidays .. cheers, TJ (Tennessee)

Down Home in the Big Easy

We're not yet finished trimming our tree but I thought I'd go ahead and send pictures of the garland and wreath. As usual, everything arrived gorgeous and super fresh, smelling like the great Northwest! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us. We love everything ...

Happy Holidays! Leigh

Leigh's tree and beautifully-bowed noble fir wreath

Our tree is PERFECT! I've attached photos for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to pick out the perfect tree for us! (Louisiana)

Hello!! I received my tree yesterday and I swear it is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. I was so worried when it arrived all wrapped up looking so lifeless and puny. But when we put it in the stand and unwrapped it... it just spread it's limbs as though streching after a long sleep. And it has filled my whole house with it's wonderful smell of Christmas. I cannot wait to get it decorated....I'll send you photos as I know it will be beautiful. Simple ...but beautiful. This is the first time I have purchased a tree from you....but I hope I'll be able to get a tree from you every year from now on.....Thank you for picking this magnificent tree just for me. Glenda (Arkansas)

Just letting you know my husband just called and has the tree! Yay! We'll enjoy a fun night of decorating afterall! I can't wait to get home and see it - you guys really do have the most amazing trees! Ann (California)

The tree was beautiful. We put it up on the 23rd and took it down yesterday. The smell was great and form of the tree was perfect... Thanks for the great service. Randa (Idaho)



Hamlet of the Hills (Michigan)

Another Pair of Perfect Wreaths! ... They’re here, right on time and look great! Thanks Much and Best of... John

This is Inge from Pennsylvania. I got your card a little while ago, though I needed no reminder because I have been looking forward to ordering another of your beautiful trees, which I have just done today. This year we will really try to take a digital picture for you. Hope you have a successful season and a wonderful Christmas. (By the way, I just caught it on the website this year, but I was surprised to learn that you use coppicing on your trees.)

Thanks for your message. We LOVED the tree that came last year! So the same again. Happy Thanksgiving. Carol (California)

Thanks, guys.  Our tree actually arrived yesterday and it is up, unwrapped and in water before me now.  Mary Jo says it is the prettiest one yet and I agree.  I appreciated too that the bottom had a slight curve to it.   I cut that off and explained the copping process to her and she is taking it to school today to show the science teacher who might be able to use it as a lesson to her students.  Yaw'll have this down to a science. I don't know how others do it or if this is what yaw'll recommended, but it is such a joy to stand the tree in the stand and unwrap it from the top, letting each layer of limbs fall out and into place.  It is almost like the tree is being born/coming to life before one's very eyes.  Beautiful... I hope you and yours have a most merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. P.S. Continue to identify and cultivate those values you and your employees have in common to make it easy (even fun!) for them to expend their discretionary effort to keep Tannenbaum growing as beautifully as do your trees! Bill (Florida)


"Our Gorgeous Tree"

Well, we got the tree. It is so fabulous I am speechless...I will be getting my tree from your farm from now on. I stare at it all the time. It's so lovely. Thank you so much. All the way from Washington .... to Virginia. Who knew! You guys are great ... Merry Christmas! Lisa

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TREE!!!!  It arrived late yesterday afternoon, so we just cut some off the bottom, opened it up, put it in the stand with water and left it on the back deck last night.  This morning when I went outside, I thought I had been transported to the Great Northwest!  The smell was so strong and fresh, honestly unlike any Christmas tree I think I have ever had in my life.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  The only thing is UPS broke the crown out of the tree.  The driver apologized for it when he arrived, as someone had tried to tape it back together.  They broke about 8 inches down the trunk.  It is no issue at all.  I can fake it. The holly wreath arrived on Friday, which is lovely…..and dangerous, and the 3 evergreen wreaths arrived today, and you did a beautiful job on them.  They all arrived in great shape and just as fragrant and fresh as the tree.  Tomorrow the garland should be here and then I will be all set.
Tonight we will decorate the tree.  My only disappointment is that I didn’t do this several weeks ago so I could enjoy this incredible tree and greenery longer.  Once I have it all done, I will take and send pics. Again, thanks for everything. Happy Holidays, David (Florida)

Hi all- Last year, I have to admit, I cheaped out when I saw Noble Fir trees at Lowe's and purchased it there... the worst tree ever! It was dry within days of being up and I had to take it down the day after Christmas. That being said I will never stray from you again! I would like to put my order in for an 8ft Natural density tree. It will feel like a real Christmas with your tree in the family room! Donna (New Jersey)

Thanks for your note…I appreciate all the preparation and time to create your beautiful wreaths and then to ensure their timely arrival at there destination.  I always receive so many compliments from the recipients.  One individual, who I had not previously sent one to, was totally overwhelmed.  He told me he had never seen (or smelled) such a fabulous wreath! …Thanks again for your evergreen creations, these are always the best gifts.  I truly appreciate you and your creativity. Happy New Year!  Joanne (Ohio)


Classic Old World charm brought to you by Udo & Bess

Thank you very much for this beautiful tree. We hope you kept a piece of DNA so you can clone this one next year! Udo (North Carolina)

The trees arrived in time, late Friday afternoon. I was mainly worried because I knew you were having bad weather in your area. We went to Monterey Monday to put the little one up. It looked so cute and my friends were delighted. Thank you so much. Our tree is exquisite. We haven't decorated it yet but it is indeed a winner. Slow down and enjoy your holidays if possible. Eileen (California)

I just wanted to let you know that I received our tree yesterday and how beautiful it is! I am so pleased with your selection and wish you and your establishment all the best and the Happiest of Holidays. Sincerely, Carri (Colorado)

Nice to hear from you!!  I would like to try your Nordmann fir tree this year.  I don't remember what height I ordered last year, but it was a good height, so I'd like to order the same height… Thanks as usual for you beautiful trees!   Popi (New York)

Thanks once again for the reminder e-mail! It just wouldn't be Christmas without a fresh, beautiful Christmas tree from Tannenbaum…so we're e-mailing you once again to place our order for another 7-8 foot, natural density, noble fir Christmas tree. Thank you again for providing such outstanding service and beautiful trees! It's what keeps us coming back year after year! THANK YOU! Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Joe & Michele (California)



Each international treasure catches the eye on this narrow natural noble

I love the look of the natural noble - the natural gives plenty of room for the ornaments to hang properly. I collect Polish glass ornaments - my friend's mother started my collection years ago and she and I have been adding to it each year. We have traditional Polish ornaments like the pickle, chimney sweep and pretzel and we have lots we've collected to commemorate special events or vacations. For example, you can see the Parthenon ornament in the picture - we went to Greece for our honeymoon. As usual, this year's tree was absolutely perfect - exactly what I was expecting. Thanks so much! Until next year!! Suzi (Texas)

Our tree arrived this afternoon. It looks great! As I mentioned previously to you, they don't sell Noble Firs in Wisconsin, so this is a great treat for us. Have a great holiday season. Mike

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful tree and wreath! The tree is big and beautiful!!! Please keep me on your tree list for next year. You're the best! Happy Holidays! Leslie (California)


This NORDMANN FIR certainly is impressive!

It’s Foster in Virginia. I just wanted to let you know that I got the tree the same day we talked. It looks great, I hope to get you pictures soon. I already know what I want for next year ... The Christmas party is this weekend at the house and I cannot wait for people to see the trees..Have a great holiday! Thanks, Foster

I enjoyed my tree so much last year that I just ordered another 7-8 foot medium density Christmas tree & Thank you, Michelle (Florida)

John called with a special request on how I might compose his wreaths this year. I had fun custom arranging them to fit his needs and was very pleased to hear of his satisfaction. Here is what he had to say:

I waited until today (the 1st, as is my habit) to open the box and put the wreaths up. They are absolutely stunning - so sumptuous and rich and lively. The composition and color are perfect. Prior years were great but these set a new standard. I'll try to snap a picture or two when the lighting's right and we have a little snow. Thanks much for the special attention and timely delivery (they were still moist in the box). Best of... John R. (Michigan)

I would like to place the same order this year.  It couldn't have been easier!  I can use paypal again. Janis  (Louisiana)


Chevy wishes you a meowy Christmas! (Thanks, Gretchen :)

Let's just cut to the chase ----- do all your trees come with a little extra something? JUST KIDDING! Meet our Chevy, short for Chevron, which is where my husband rescued this fellow. He weighs over 7 pounds so these pics speak volumes for the sturdiness of your trees. Since this is Chevy's new most favorite napping spot, I'm open to suggestions on how to decorate around him! Y'all take good care in all of your business of the Christmas season! Gretchen (Alabama) P.S. Of course the tree is beautiful and smells oh-so-good!

Our tree arrived on the 20th, and I am just thrilled! It is exactly what I wanted and the size is perfect for the place it will be standing. It is so green and fresh...none of those dead needles having to be shaken out. I will admit that when it arrived I was a little hesitant about what it would look like, but you guys are tops for packaging trees to arrive intact. My husband cut a small slice off the bottom and we stuck it in a bucket of water for a few hours. When we removed the plastic and string, it unfurled like Old Glory!! It is so fresh that the branches just assumed their natural shape within minutes...and no broken branches. Thank you so much for helping make this a very special Christmas. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Happy holidays! Rita (Texas)

A couple years ago I ordered a tree from you and I have to say you have great quality when it comes to your trees! I am interested in getting another Noble Fir but needing a tree around 9.5 ft tall &..can you help me with this? If so I would like to order ASA. I appreciate your help and happy holidays! Sincerely, Jeff (New York)


Jazzed up and whimsical - Louisiana style!

Got the tree today, it is BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately, the wreath and garland didn't arrive with it. I grilled the UPS man and he insisted that it wasn't on the truck. Perhaps with the weather and all, the other two parcels just got left behind or something... I thought I'd wait a day or two before I started worrying about it. I'll let you know if it's not here by Wed., perhaps you can check on it for me if you have power any time soon... I hope your weather is better soon! Leigh (Loiusiana)

Footnote: Wreath and garland arrived the next day.

Thank you so much for the beautiful trees you sent to my two daughters and me. This is the best tree I've ever had. It didn't even need ornaments--just lights and glass icycles. We are all going to order again next year. Thanks again. Joanne (California)

For 4 years now, my family has enjoyed your beautiful trees and we are looking forward to another wonderful Christmas with your tree as the centerpiece. Thank you again, Pamela (Florida)

Hi there! I would like to order a Noble fir Christmas tree again this year - You've done this for me for the past 3 years and I love your trees! I can't find a tree down here that comes close to the ones you've been sending me... Thank you VERY MUCH! Susan (California)

I have my tree... it is gorgeous. It is too wonderful to decorate... so I'll just sit and gaze at it a while longer. Thanks again for the best tree ever. I say this every year but it's the prettiest yet!! Happy Holiday! Glenda (Arkansas)


Sparkling Southern Belle

You guys are Awesome!!I have NEVER had a more beautiful Christmas Tree. The tree shipped fresh and beautiful. The entire process from ordering to arrival was seamless. My fantastic Noble Fir held EVERY ornament I have in my collection proudly and with grace. I cannot begin to tell you the feelings stirred in my heart to see such a beautiful Christmas tree. I assure you I will order my tree every Christmas. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Paul (Georgia)

Just wanted to let you know we received our box today by ups. The box smelled wonderfully fragrant when opened and the wreath is just beautiful! Put it up on my door right away. The box was lovely and moist when I opened it. Nothing was squashed. I can't wait to use those greens, the holly berries are so big and red!! Thank you so much for all your help and the trouble you took to make it so beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your winter wonderland. Terri (Florida)

I'm already planning for my Christmas Tree this year, last year's tree was beautiful! This year we're in a new house and I can have a taller tree! I have very tall ceilings and nice size rooms. What sizes are available to order this year? Meredith (Tennessee)

Hello everyone at Tannenbaum! Yes, again it is time to order my tree and I'm so excited!! I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed my tree last year. Since being lucky enough to find your web site last year, I don't foresee that I will ever go back to anything but a noble fir tree. Experiencing my first Tannenbaum Noble Fir Christmas Tree was wonderful. I'm spoiled! My tree arrived exactly on the delivery date requested which was GREATLY appreciated. The minute I received it, I put it in my stand, cut the netting and the limbs immediately sprung into a classic tree form. I literally gasped! Did I hear a chorus of angels sing...?!! The tree was a beautiful deep blue/green color and the pine fragrance was refreshing and enduring. Most importantly, my collectible ornaments actually hung from the limbs throughout the holiday season which was a definite rarity compared to trees found on the east coast. Again, thank you for a great experience last year! With having such a positive experience with a Tannenbaum tree last year, I am taking the "plunge" and ordering a "wide tier" tree this year. I'm a little nervous about it but I'm sure this tree will be as beautiful and the limbs as strong as the one from last year. Any advice on this tree is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays to everyone at Tannenbaum! Theresa (Georgia)

Later on Theresa wrote:

I wanted to let you know that my tree arrived and it is beautiful!


This tree amply displays cherished family collectibles

Our tree arrived late yesterday in perfect condition! Getting a beautiful tree has never been easier! Since it is soooo fresh and the trunk cut does not appear sealed, do we still need to make a fresh cut? We put it in water in the stand yesterday and it didn't seem to drink much but are wondering if that's because it's so fresh. Thanks again! Joan (California)

I hope you all have had a good year. I have ordered my tree and I'm hoping I will get the first tree you send this year. I noticed you have taller trees available this year and I am going to check and see if we can order one for the lobby of our building. Noble Firs are the most beautiful trees you can have for Christmas and I have never been disappointed with a tree from Tannenbaum. Hope you have a good holiday! Larry (New York)

Thank you for calling me back, especially at such a busy time. The wreaths and christmas tree came, both are beautiful and smell heavenly, the tree is relaxing now and my dog Bella is getting used to it, hopefully she won't eat ornaments off it this year... When I decorate it I'll send a picture. I hope the floods subside and you won't have any more natural disasters. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you, your family and friends. Anna (New Jersey)

Magical memories light up this tall and slender tree

Thank you for the gorgeous tree! I was so very excited, as usual to unwrap it and get it up. I hosted Thanksgiving for 19 people and everyone single one commented on how beautiful the tree is and my sister wants one with my order next year. Anyway, it truly is the highlight of my holiday season... and I love looking at it. Happy holidays to all of you! Lisa (Virginia)


'Personality-plus' shimmers through this natural density noble

Wanted to let you know that everything worked out fine. UPS delivered the tree on Wednesday and placed it on our lower back deck - a friend stopped over on Thursday and put the tree in water in our garage. Saturday we came back to Columbus and I untied the tree.....Sunday, I re-cut the tree, placed it in a five gallon bucket of warm water with floral preservative added and brought it into the house to relax (after a few more hours in the garage) - the first day it drank two gallons of water (we keep it in a five gallon bucket), and then another two gallons yesterday....it will probably slow down today. The tree is just about as close to perfect for us as you can get. The height is a little tall but we can cut it down without impacting the tree's look. The narrowness and openness are wonderful...and of course the color and fragrance are superb. Thanks so much for picking out such a great tree for us. We currently have 1600 lights on it and I'll probably finish today - using another 300 hundred....I'll send you photos.....I PROMISE! Thanks so much....have a great season. Best, Jim (Ohio)

Howdy From Glendive Montana!! I'm wondering if you might have any trees available this year with your bad weather? We are flexible on the type of trees and also the price. It would seem that you have an almost impossible degree of difficulty. We are spoiled with your product and love them IMMENSELY. Let us know what we can do to get three of your 5'-6' trees. We could use a medium density for this weekend, and two natural densities for Christmas Eve for our church please. Let me know what if this can be done this year? Floyd (Montana)

Streams of ribbon and twinkling lights

My absolutely fantastic, gorgeous tree arrived a day early, which was great because someone was here to receive it, and no one would have been here tomorrow! It truly is beautiful! Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Alice (California)

We received our tree promptly, and I appreciate the timeliness. I do have a concern... We ordered a 7-8 foot natural, and I can't go higher than 8 feet because of my tree topper and ceiling height. The tree is just over 7 feet, and the branches are particularly scarce this year. But what makes the tree even smaller, the lengths of the branches are terribly short. Most are not longer than my arm (and I am a small person). Please let me know how I need to order in the future to avoid this mistake. Unfortunately, more ornaments then usual will not fit on this tree. I still enjoy your trees, and I am referring your website to some parent at my children's school who requested it after I told them about your tree farm and company. Any advice would be appreciated. Sincerely, Monica (California)

We were disappointed to hear this... having said that, natural nobles are the most difficult to predict because they are not pruned like the medium or full densities are. It's up to Mother Nature to decide how they will grow. Monica most likely got a narrow noble - a wide natural would have given her more branch length. I was ready to email her that I would make a note of this and guess what? I then got another email from Monica...

The trees always have and always will look good with the ornaments. I love the natural look. I wasn't able to fit as many this year, but that is OK, the tree still looks lovely. It would be great if you make a note in my file that I like wide naturals. You and Mark are wonderful to do business with, and I enjoy buying my trees from you and will continue to do so. I will also continue to refer as many people as I can to your company. Thank you for taking the time to check things out, and I wish both you and Mark a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas. Hopefully you can get a little rest now!!!!! Sincerely, Monica


Bubble lights & garland provides this retro theme

Beautiful tree actually arrived on December 6. Thank you so much... Oh! One thing I did do last year was to get a length of PVC (1" diameter, I believe, about 5 feet in length) and when it came time to add water to the base, I simply pushed the bottom of the PVC through the limbs and into the stand and saved having to crawl under the tree to water it. Got below 70 last night for the first time since April so we'll probably have a mild/sunny Christmas. Hope yaw'll's is happy and prosperous. Bill (Florida)

I just want to thank you so much for the beautiful wreath. It came today and it is just gorgeous! I think you've outdone yourself - it is just fantastic - it smells wonderful and I love it! Thank you - it's heavenly. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Joanne (Ohio) Just wanted to let you know that the wreath and the tree arrived last Friday. Both are beautiful. Thank you so much. Looking forward to next year. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Terry (California)

The wreath was incredible: you really outdid yourself this year and I got that comment from many of the recipients. Thank you again for taking the time to create such masterpieces. The wreath is a true work of art and the fragrance permeates the house. Merry Christmas! Best regards, Joanne (Ohio)

The tree arrived yesterday and it came through in great shape. It surpassed my expectations and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks! Bob (Maine)

I wanted to let you know I forwarded your e-mail and info to EVERYONE in my e-mail address book. I hope you get some more business from it and will order my tree soon also. Lisa (Texas)

Our Noble Fir was waiting for us today when we got home from work. It arrived in excellent condition and looks absolutely beautiful. We have always loved our trees from Tannenbaum. Happy Holidays!!! The Travis Family (South Carolina)

Thank you for the reminder e-mail! We didn't forget about you, Christmas wouldn't be the same without you and Tannenbaum & The website looks great, we love the testimonial page and must admit that we were truly impressed to see a few comments (including our own) which included references to problems to the trees. Most businesses aren't as honest as you! You guys are the best and we must once again commend you on the way you conduct and run your business. There's the right way and the easy way, and Tannenbaum always conducts business the right way. Now on to the important stuff! & We want the biggest most beautiful tree you can find for us. We know that you'll do your best and more importantly we know that we're going to get an awesome tree & Thank you again for the reminder and more importantly for being such good people! We look forward to hearing from you and also to receiving another awesome tree. The James' (California)


Festive-filled corner from Sydney in California

Hi! Thanks for trying to call. I have been working the book fair at my children's school all day today. When I got home, the wreaths and greenery had arrived. I am sure (hope) the trees will be here tomorrow. I'll get started on all the rest tonight. I hung the wreaths on the front door a few minutes ago. Each year, I know I have seen the best already, but you continue to surprise me. They get more and more beautiful. Thanks for checking on things for me... I can't wait to unwrap the trees. It's always so exciting! Jackie (Louisiana)

I just would like to say we were so pleased with our tree last year. My husband said it was the best we ever had. I'm looking so forward to Christmas. Can't wait to get the tree! Have a beautiful Christmas! Santa (Illinois)

Last year we were extremely pleased so we returned for a second time! Our neighbors could not believe how fresh our tree was and how long it lasted. Cheers!!! Bob (California)

Precious ornaments of the past give a traditional look

Justin, a new customer, ordered a medium density noble and the tip got bent in transit. Even though nobles are workhorses as far as ruggedness goes, Justin had a bright idea for getting his tree to behave by sticking a rod in to keep the tree top straight. I asked if we might showcase his tree for your viewing pleasure.

Wow! Really? I wouldn't mind at all if you used it.. I know what you mean about the holly centerpiece, its definitely got a bite to it. It's really nice looking though, and it's one Christmas decoration that my very curious nephew won't touch. I've kept it on a platter with some water and at the moment it's sitting in the bath tub. I gave it a quick shower to moisten it a little better. So, yes, it's holding up quite well. I always tend to baby plants and fresh greens when we bring them in the house- especially for Christmas. I challenge myself every year to see how long I can get things to last, so don't worry, your tree and centerpiece are in good hands... Merry Christmas! Justin (Florida)

Dear Tannenbaum, I have been ordering my family Noble Fir Christmas Trees from you for several years and have always been delighted with the quality of your trees. This year I would like to order two trees! Cathleen (California)


Playful shapes in a kaleidoscope of colour - how fun!

Got the tree and it's fantastic! Can't wait to start decorating. I'll try to send a photo when it's done. Thank you so much for all your kind assistance and good luck with the rest of the season! Jeff (Washington D.C.)

I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know of a big fan. My best friend, Leigh Peters, LOVES your trees! She ordered one last year and I had never seen anything so beautiful and unique in my life, when it comes to Christmas trees. I was recently married, October 13th, and I am exhausted! I decided that I was not going to decorate anything this year and I wanted to just ignore Christmas altogether. Well, Leigh called me yesterday and was raving about her tree and how excited she was and I just had to have one. SO, I have decided to give in and get our very first Noble Christmas tree! I am so happy to finally get one of my own and look forward to working with you guys and continue to get bigger trees as the years go by. I am ordering a small one because I don't want to have to take on the whole she-bang, but hopefully next year we will have a new house and I will be totally in the spirit! From now on I promise to get a tree taller than my husband, 6'6''. Thank you and I can't wait to get my tree, Charlotte (Loiusiana)

I have reordered one of your beautiful Noble Firs again for Christmas. It is becoming a happy tradition & thank you for growing these beauties, Inge (Pennsylvania)


Regal elegance of the Pacific Silver Fir

We received the Christmas tree right on schedule! Luckily I had house guests that I commandeered to help decorate. It is beautiful and it is huge! So huge in fact we ended up having to trim the top a tad bit so that I'd have room for the star. Felt a little like Beverly D'Angelo in Christmas Vacation ;~) 'Clark, do you think there's room for the angel?' Anyway, as promised, here's a picture of your beautiful work of art, all decorated, thoroughly watered, and we're very pleased. Thank you so much for picking out a perfect tree for us. Merry Christmas! Deb (Arizona)

Thanks for your prompt response. I "googled" noble christmas tree and found your site. FYI: Your site stood out because you gave options on what "style cut" noble tree you offer. This type of Christmas tree is not an option at tree lots or farms on the east coast. For someone who enjoys collecting heavy European handmade ornaments, I'm looking forward to having a tree that has limbs my ornaments hang from NOT lay on... Hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving! Theresa (Georgia)

Chris, just wanted to let you know that wreath and tree arrived safely today!!! You have outdone yourself on the wreath this year. I just put it on the front door and it looks great. Tree looks good. Will give status report when I get it opened up!!! Merry Christmas to you and Mark. Thanks again. Terry (California)

Hello... Well I can't believe another year has gone by, when I get your email, it is the warning bell for me to start gearing up for the holiday! It has been a great year for our family and we are looking forward to ending it on a good note. This will be our last year in the house we live in, which I have lived in all my life, as we just purchased a new home and will be renovating it to move into. So for me this is a very special xmas and of course I need one of your very special Noble firs. I would like a natural density 6-7 ft tree, taller and more narrow is better than short and fat, as we are having lots of company this year and need all the floor space we can get! Thanks as always Donna (New Jersey)


A cheery natural noble from Bo in California

Thank you once again for keeping me on track and for your excellent and special personal service and, of course, your spectacular wreaths that are always anticipated by all of their recipients (trust me, I started getting the hints early last month!). Have a wonderful holiday! Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you. Joanne (Ohio)

Your wreaths got here on time and in excellent condition. They are well-matched and truly gorgeous. They are so fresh that I barely had to sweep the kitchen floor after laying them on it to attach the wires. Best, John (Michigan)

Howdy!! We are again very pleased with your trees that you sent us!!!....Our noble fir is exquisite, and my wife is very impressed....The trees for our church are nicely matched and have provided us with a wonderful aroma......GREAT JOB GUYS!! Happy New Year!! Floyd (Montana)

The tree arrived Tuesday afternoon. Both my husband and I are sick, so we did not decorate the tree until last night. I have been boasting to all my friends what a fantastic tree I get from you each year and how it is worth the extra dollar amount especially considering the convenience of door step delivery. I hate to say it, this year the tree looks rather sorry. It is very nicely shaped, but the branches are so soft that I was only able to hang less than half my normal ornaments. It is almost impossible to hang anything in the lower branches as they just lie on top of each other. As a result the tree, particularly in daylight looks rather bare. I know this is a first for us, but it is very disappointing, especially since we had such an outstanding tree last year. I felt I had to let you know our disappointment so that in future you make sure that the trees you send out are not just beautiful when cut but also sturdy enough for decoration. Sincerely, Christiane (Washington)

So sorry to hear this. We will make it right. The tree you received must have been a hybrid noble with softer needles and branches.

Got the wreath today and my neighbor LOVES it! ... The tree is decorated and I think our best tree yet!... We have really enjoyed making your trees a family tradition and can't wait to send you more pictures this year for your website.  You should put some pictures of yourself and everyone that works the farm.  We'd love to put faces to names! Thanks for all the helpful info! Leigh (Louisiana)

We ordered a Noble Fir from you last year and absolutely loved it! Just wondering if you could help us out and let us know, what did we order last year? Looking forward to ordering this year too! Thanks for your help! Lisa (Wisconsin)

I got the tree! It is perfect. I set it up in my living room and decorated it last night! I love it! thanks so much for making my Christmas wonderful this year!! Susan (California)


A tall slender beauty for this Chicago home

The tree came yesterday and looks great! It is the best one that we have every gotten from you. I will send pics when fully decorated. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas, Mark (Illinois)

Your trees are as-fresh-as-fresh-can-be! Thanks so much for your help with my order. I always look forward to getting my beautiful Christmas tree from y'all! Take good care! Gretchen (Alabama)

Thank you very much for a wonderful tree. It is outstanding! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009. Cheers! Udo and Bess (South Carolina)

I ordered a tree from you last year and was very pleased. Thank you. I ordered via phone and was able to set up a delivery day which went perfect... Thank you very much. Sincerely, Bruce (Florida)

It's that time of the year again. From this email it looks like I am a couple of weeks later than last year placing my tree order... Thanks for your continued supply of beautiful noble trees. Sydney (California)

We hope that you and everyone there at Tannenbaum had a very merry Christmas!!!! My apologies for the delayed response, things just get a little crazy around here at this time of year. I spoke with Mark and it was a pleasure! Speaking with a business owner who takes such pride in his product and who demonstrates such genuine concern for his customer is exceptionally rare these days! Mark stepped right up and took full responsibility for everything, even though I acknowledged that this was a living plant and no one could have foreseen the outcome. Mark was so generous that he offered to fully credit us for this years purchase, send us a new tree out immediately and give us a free tree next year. I found myself in the unusual situation of having to convince him that such drastic steps were not necessary. We finally agreed that my family and I would gladly accept a refund for the tree which died and at Mark's insistance agreed that you would place us on the list for one free tree next year. My first thought was how do you stay in business standing behind a product that no one could guarantee, but then I realized that in our 5-6-7-8-??? years of business this was the first ever bump in the road and you guys stepped right up and not only made it right but went over and above what could reasonably be expected. Needless to say you've got customers for life here in Palmdale and we're going to tell anyone who will listen that they should get their tress from Tannenbaum next year and every year thereafter. You all are the BEST!!!!!!!... We'd be happy to post a testimonial for you telling the world not only how good your trees are, but also how great it is to do business with Tannenbaum... We hope that you all have a wonderful, prosperous and safe New Year!!!!!!! The James' (California)

Joe, thank you for your kind words and understanding. This unfortunate circumstance of your tree not holding up as it should have was truly a disappointment for us as well. In all our years of experience with internet shipping we can honestly say that this was a rare situation indeed.


Traditional New England style

Here is my last years tree. Looked beautiful! Looking forward to receiving a new one. Merry Christmas, Anna (New Jersey)

I got all my beautiful decorations last night. Everything is so lush. I just can't believe how fresh it all is! The tree is beautiful. I love it. It is somewhat different than what I am used to, though. What kind is it? Mark told me when he called about it, but I can't remember. I know people will be asking me. I am especially impressed with the garland. Did you make it? I have never seen any prettier. The wreaths look gorgeous. I have the prettiest doors in town. I got the lights on the tree last night and the garland. I did hang a few ornaments, but the kids asked me to wait so I didn't put most of them up. We'll finish it tonight. I'll send pictures of everything when I get it done. Thank you. Thank you. You all are the best! Jackie (Louisiana)

Thanks! Tree arrived today. I cut off two inches of the base, put it in the stand, added hot water and freed it from the plastic wrapping and string. This is always a high light in the process for me, as each set of limbs, from the top to the bottom, are loosed and fall into their natural place. The tree is, indeed, a blond bombshell of a tree. As near to perfect as it could be. I almost hate to add decorations to it. Thanks for it, yaw'll. You sure know how to add customer loyalty. PS - In my research of Christmas Tree Tonics, I came across one that recommended adding a "splash" of vodka to each refilling of the water in the stand. What do you recommend I put in the water to maximize the life of the tree? No problem with my using vodka. I am a sour mash fan myself. Merry Christmas! Bill (Florida)

The tree is perfect. I am so pleased to get compliment after compliment. Again, no ornaments - just lights & icicles. My other daughter is buying from you next year - so that will be four of us. The wreath was just what I wanted. Everytime I open the door I have this wonderful scent. I feel as if I've made a new friend. Thanks again! Joanne (California)

I purchased from you folks last year and was so happy. I desire as tall a tree as possible as we have 11 foot ceilings....and the largest I saw on your web site was 9'. If there are taller ones available please advise...look forward to the tree this year... last years was still fresh towards the end of January. Thank you. Jim (Ohio)

Your trees are always great!  Bruce (Texas)

The tree arrived fine, and it is great. In the past, I think I have always bought 9-10 feet trees--we always have to cut some off of the top (and once, in Ft. Worth, a 12-ft tree), but yours is just perfect without doing anything to it! Thank you all so much. Pictures will follow! Happy Holidays! Alice (California)

We have received so many thoughtful emails, cards and photos. I wish we could display each and every one but as you can see... Regardless, we appreciate hearing your comments or concerns and will continue to post them - - many thanks for your feedback!


From all of us at Tannenbaum