Watering a doweled tree


Justin had an interesting idea on how one might water a doweled tree:

"When I received my tree I decided to shave a bit off the trunk of the top section and push a plastic sandwich bag over it before assembling it back together. The metal spike punctured the bag of course but in doing so the plastic also stretched around the spike enough to make it water tight. I secured the top of the bag upright on the trunk and have been filling it with water to keep the top half of the tree hydrated. So far, so good. No signs of dehydration. I'm going to continue to water both sections of the tree as long as they are willing to drink. I'm curious to see how long each section will last."




Just wanted to show you how green my tree still is. I've been lazy and just took it down last night. I figured its time since its almost mid February.😬 I chopped it up this morning to burn and didn't think to take a picture before, but here's a picture of its branches. It's beginning to dry out but look at how green it still is. It's just a couple days shy of 2 months in my living room! Over 2 months since being cut! This really speaks volumes for the freshness and longevity of your trees! Well done!



Many thanks for sharing this with us, Justin. We think you're onto something!
(ps. this tree was sent to Florida where temps are usually sunny and warm)